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Example of booking a selected flight and hotel integration solution

         Below we show an example of EAI solution designed using Guaraná DSL for booking a  specific flight and hotel obtained from the results in the example searching for flights and hotels. The aim of this solution is to book the flight and hotel, charge and notify the customer. The selected flight and hotel information is stored in the  Travel application, thus the EAI solution has to take it from this application. Once the information is taken, inside the wrapper for Travel, the inbound message is translated into a canonical format for this solution. The integration process first replicates a copy of this message to the Mail and Visa Credit Card applications. The second task inside this process splits the original message into two messages, one containing only information about the flight and other the information about the hotel. The Dispatcher task dispatches each message to the corresponding exit port, thus the booking of the flight and hotel will be done bu the corresponding applications.