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:: Guaraná DSL

Guaraná DSL is a Domain-Specific Language (DSL) to design Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions at a high-level of abstraction. A java implementation of this language is provided by the Guaraná SDK, which is organised in two layers. The first layer, referred as the framework, provides an abstract implementation of all basic concepts from the domain specific language. The second layer, referred as toolkit, provides a concrete implementation of the framework, as well as, a task-based runtime system that can be used to execute the solutions.


:: Online Demonstrations

We have prepared some flash demos to show how Guaraná SDK can be used to design enterprise application integration solutions. Please, note these are simple examples only to give an idea of our technology.

:: Example of solution

Below you can donwload an example or watch the online demonstration of the example. Please, refer ro the requirements link before you try to run the example. We also recomend you first to watch the example in order to have a better idead on how to run it.


:: Download

Below you can download Guaraná SDK and browse the online API Documentation.