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This web page was prepared to the article entitled "A Domain-Specific Language to Design Enterprise Application Integration Solutions" submitted to the Special Issue on Model-Driven Service Engineering at the International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems (IJCIS).  All the material can  be downloaded from here.

Guaraná DSL Eclipse Plug-in

To run our plug-in, you will need an Eclipse Helios 3.5 with the following plug-ins installed: EMF 2.6.0, EMF Validation Framework 1.4.0, GEF 3.6.0, OCL 3.0.0, GMF Tooling 2.3.0 and GMF Runtime 1.4.0.

We have already prepared an Eclipse instalation pack  that containing all the necessary plug-ins, as well as, the Guaraná Eclipse Plug-in, and made it available to you.


The transformations can be executed using the same Eclipse instalation provided for Guaraná Eclipse Plug-in, since we have included the required MOFScript Plug-in in it, as well. An Eclipse Java project that includes the transformations is available to you.

Validation Example

The Java code automatically generated for the EAI solution presented in this  article  is available  to you in an Eclipse Java project. You will also need the binding components, which are also available.