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EAI Tech

        Guaraná DSL is one contribution to the “world of integration”, but you will find other technologies which also try to add their support/ideas for enterprise application integration (EAI). Some of them are open source technologies/projects, while others are proprietary. The former group seems to be guided by the enterprise integration patterns (EIP) documented by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf in their book entitled “Enterprise Integration Patterns”.  Guaraná also offers support to the EIP patters presented in this book. In the latter group, you will find big companies ( e.g., Microsoft, Tibco, Progress Software, etc. ) that provide commercial solutions for EAI. In some cases, like Progress Software, the  proprietary solution is based on open source projects. The list below includes several open source and proprietary technologies we have studied and reported on a research report (text in Spanish only):

Three different projects I am currently following are developing some ideas you can already find in Guaraná, e.g., the possibility to use EIP patterns visually. If you want to have a glimpse at them, here are the links:

If you know or have another interesting project or technology ;-)