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Short Bio

I got my degree in Computer Engineering in 1997, my doctorandus degree in 2002, and my Ph.D. degree in 2003. I've been working for the Department of Computer Languages and Systems since late 2000, and my research activities focus on semantic web and web services, web applications integration, web page classification and navigaton. I'm also an active member of The Distributed Group.

I've worked for several companies: in 1998, I worked for the Speech Business Unit of IBM on the development of statistical models for Spanish medical natural language. It was my first experience as a worker and I learnt a lot of things such as text processing, language processors, AIX/UNIX administration and so on. About that time, I fulfilled my master thesis on a compiler for the IP programming language and I began my research work on the multiparty interaction arena.

In 1999, I worked for the Andalusian Local Administration developing a system for managing GIS projects. I learnt a lot of things, too, such as component-based software engineering and how to build visual, thin clients to manage ARCInfo-based projects. Meanwhile, my research focused on fairness aspects in concurrent and distributed system based on multiparty interaction.

In the year 2000, I began working as a Lecturer at the University of Seville. Chiefly, I teach matters about operating systems and visual programming. In 2003, I got my Ph.D. degree under the supervision of Dr. Rafael Corchuelo and my PhD dissertation focused on fairness and multiparty interaction.

Finally, in the year 2007, I began working as a Reader and I teach matters about software engineering and enterprise information integration in the doctoral program of the University of Seville, and, currently, I’m the research mentor of some doctoral students.