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Data translation is an integration task that aims at populating a target model with data in a source model. Currently, there is a steady shift towards using RDF, RDFS, and OWL ontologies to represent data models, and SPARQL to query them. In our research, we focus on data translation systems that rely on the previous technologies. Unfortunately, there is not a benchmark that software engineers can use to test and compare these systems empirically. This makes the decision on which system should be used for a particular integration scenario subjective.

MostoBM is a tool that allows to compare these systems side by side within a homogeneous framework. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first such benchmark in the literature. Note that there exists a benchmark called STBenchmark that can be used to compare these systems in the context of nested relational models; unfortunately, it cannot be used in the context of ontologies due to the many inherent differences between these models.

Technical Report